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  Where are the employees coming from? Where did they attend college? From which Universities are these companies mainly recruiting from?  What are the family backgrounds of these employees? What is the workplace like with regards to diversity? These are all questions that Oracle, Microsoft, Google, and Apple are asking themselves when it comes to their hiring and culture. The data below will address the topics and give a better understanding to the importance of culture in these tech companies up to the year, 2016. 

Oracle's Workforce - 115,000 employees worldwide

  Minority Employees: 37%

  Female Employees: 29%

  Minority Managers: 34%

  Female Managers: 25%

Result of Booming tech Industry?

Layoffs: increase in sales with decrease in support staff

Business Insider

Correlation?:  Top Universities and Oracle hires

 DIVERSITY- offices in 145 countries and recruits from over 30 different colleges

Ivy League Hires

Is this what makes Oracle in the tech industry unique?

-Hiring Strategy

-Oracle College Hire Program

Does your ethnicity have anything to do with being hired?

How Tech Companies Compare In Employee Diversity 

The top tier schools they hire from. Where are all the community colleges?

 How to Get Hired at Microsoft

Women vs. Men. Why do men continue to be in power?

Women in Tech: The Numbers Don't Add Up

   Who Is Apple and What Makes them Unique? 


Is Apple Serious About Diversity? 



Apple Hiring Outside the Norm for Employees




    What is it Like to Work at      Apple?


  Google's Solution to Keep It's Talents 

“Google has decided to build its own in-house startup incubator called Area 120, to funnel restless entrepreneurial energy back into internal innovation.”

(Source: Link)

(What is Area 120?: Link)


Google CFO: Hiring Women is Good For Business

“New Google finance chief Ruth Porat, who has been called Wall Street's most powerful woman, is not alone in her belief that tech companies need to help open the door for more women and minorities.”

(What backs her up on that?: Link)

Google Commits $50M to Encouraging Girls to Code

“Google wants to see more women in technology, and it's funding a $50 million initiative to encourage girls to learn how to code in an effort to close the gender gap.”

(How Google encourage women joining the field: Link)

Google funds CODE2040's minority tech program in 7 cities (Link)

Schools Google Recruit From

“Didn’t go to Stanford? Apply to Microsoft: It’s the top feeder company to Google.”

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Interesting Facts

(What makes Google a desirable place to work at: Link)