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The following pages were prepared and are maintained by John VanLeer, Founding Faculty at Cascadia.  Please choose from the following:


Astronomy 101 -- Survey of Astronomy

Astronomy 101 ONLINE

Geology 101  -- Introduction to Geological Sciences

Swimmining Upstream?-- A learning community combining Environmental Science and American Politics.

CASABIN -- The Cascadia Astrobiology Initiative --  These pages contain links to student designed information pages relating to the field of Astrobiology.

Environmental Science 110 --  Our Changing Planet

Geography 120 -- Regional Peoples and Environments

Natural Sciences 101 -- Evolution of Earth Systems

From Mountains to Marriage -- A new learning community teaming Cultural Anthropology and Geography

Big Bangs and Little Green Men:  Thinking Critically About the Universe and Its Origins -- Astronomy and Philosophy joined together to investigate truth, science, and belief.



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