The Cascadia Astrobiology Initiative


Astrobiology is an exciting field of scientific research and science education surrounding the search for life beyond Earth.  Astrobiology is different from exobiology in that it is more than the study of the organisms themselves, but broadens the field to include the study of the environments that may sustain extraterrestrial life and the physical factors that maintain those environments.  Astrobiology mates the fields of biology, geology, atmospheric science, astronomy, oceanography, chemistry and others in a fascinating interdisciplinary search to understand how life forms and evolves, and where in the universe living organisms exist.

Students taking Astronomy at Cascadia Community College complete a final project whereby they research a specific field of astrobiology research and create web pages designed to educate the public.  They are wonderful pieces of work.  Enjoy.


Nature of Life

  • Life -- Talon Vazquez, Nikki Newby, Mackenzie Schill (F05)
  • Complex Life -- Siobhan Mangus, Kristen Marks, Kyle Smith
  • Exobiology -- Bonnie Jordan, Kate Jarman, Jocie White






Intelligent Life


Local Planets







Extrasolar Planets




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