Rebecca Burke

Rebecca Burke Mathematics Instructor at Cascadia College

Contact Information

Phone: 425-352-8275
Personal Computers.xlsx

  Resources For All Math Students  

Tips for Success in Math Classes
Purplemath (GREAT math website)
8 Choices of Successful Students
Coping With Math Anxiety
Language of Responsibility

        Documents from R Workshop        

Directions for downloading R and RStudio
Brief intro to the panes in RStudio
Additional R/RStudio Resources
A Cheat Sheet of common stastistical functions in R
Excel File Created by Mike Muhm summary of R basics

 Scripts and Datasets from R Workshop  

Scripts (currently as .txt)
Introduction R Script from 8/2 intro.txt (change .txt to .R to use as a script)
Answers to the Practice Questions (change .txt to .R to use as a script)
Script Activity from 8/13 firstproject.txt (change .txt to .R to use as a script)
Dataset of IQ's of children living near lead smelter
Same dataset as above but M/F and Low/Medium/High instead of numbers
Description of dataset linked above

Exam 1 Data Files

Question 8 Data
Question 9 Data
Question 10 Data
Question 11 Data
Question 16 Data
Question 19 Data