Self-Grading Tool

This web page is provided to allow you to track how you're doing in the class, and help you figure out how well you'll need to do in the future in order to attain the grade you want.


For each of the assignments, exams, or projects, fill in the grade you got. If you haven't take an exam/done an assignment, leave the box blank. When you click on "What Are My Grades", the page will compute your total points (for the assignments you've completed), the total possible grade (again, only for the assignments you've completed), the percentage of points that you've attained so far, and the GPA you'd get if continue to perform at the exact same level as you have been. In other words, if you've done the first 3 assignments, and you've gotten 80% of the possible points for these three assignments, this page will compute your GPA assuming that you'll get exactly 80% of everything else. If you do better in subsequent assignments, you should get a higher GPA, if you do worse, you should get a lower GPA.

Disclaimer: This web page is not a promise that you will, in fact, get the grade listed!!

Even assuming that there are no bugs in this web page, the teacher of this course reserves the right to change the course, including how you're graded.