You ARE allowed to work in pairs on this project.

You can do this homework individually or in a pair (2 people) ONLY.
If you work with a partner make sure that you put BOTH of your names on the assignment and then have ONE person hand in the assignment via StudentTracker.


The Due Date for this assignment is listed on the course schedule page


Your goal is to create a prototype for a web page that will help people figure out if they've met their degree requirements.  The basic idea is that someone can sit down in front of this page, check off whichever courses they've taken, click a button and the page wil tell them which categories' requirements that they've satisfied and which requirements they still need to fulfill.

Wikipedia defines a prototype as "early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from" so we'll allow ourselves to create something that isn't a fully completed product.  In particular, while the page must work with something that strongly resembles part of the "ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE - TRANSFER TRACK 2" degree from Cascadia's catalog, it's not exactly the same.  As always, you should read through the college catalog and talk with a college advisor (who are happy to talk with you!) in order to make sure that you're able to acheive whatever your individual, academic goals are.

In case you're curious, here's a link to the 2014-2015 catalog.

An Example

Here's an example of what the page might end up looking like (there will not be any of the purple-blue, circled numbers in your version):


There's a couple of things to notice:

Here's a link to the starter file: advising_template.html.  It is expected that you will save a copy of this file and modify it (instead of starting from scratch). Note that the starter file will look similar to the above image but not identical to it - you will need to add Bootstrap to it on your own.

Functional Requirements

For full marks your page must meet all of the following requirements:

Technical Requirements

For full marks your page must meet all of the following requirements:

Personal Requirements

For full marks you must meet all of the following requirements:

How To Submit Your Work

Prior to handing in your work it is highly, highly recommended that you check your work against the rubric for this assignment.  When you do, please keep in mind that the checklist provided in the rubric is not exhaustive - the instructor will be looking at all your work and you may lose points for errors and mistakes that aren't listed in the rubric.

You should .ZIP your files into a single .ZIP folder/file, and then upload that file to StudentTracker.  There are instructions about how to do this on the main page for the course.

If you keep all your files in a single folder as you're working on them then it should be very easy to compress that folder into the .ZIP that you need to hand in.  Regardless, it's recommended that you test that you packaged everything up correctly by extracting the contents of your .ZIP file into a new folder, opening the .HTML file, and testing the page itself.