User Interface

 BIT113     LauriBeth Hull
   April 10, 2003

Spring Quarter   

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BIT 113—User Interface, Syllabus

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Course Description:

Students explore the design and implementation of effective user interfaces for web pages and computer applications. Advanced HTML and web authoring topics are examined as students gain firsthand experience creating computer graphics for a variety of audiences and interactive user interfaces. Emphasis is placed on usability, aesthetics and incorporating client feedback into the revision process.


Instructor: LauriBeth Hull
Office: CC1-329   Office hours: 7-8 PM T & TH evenings (or by appt.)
Phone: (425) 352-8323

Materials Required:






Lynda Weinman and IAn Kabili, Photoshop 7/ImageReady for the Web Hands-On Training ., 2003

Referred to in Schedule as "Photoshop"

Front Cover of Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Classroom in a Book

Mark Pearrow. Web Site Usability Handbook, Charles River Media, 2000, ISBN 1-58450-026-3.

Referred to in Schedule as "WSUH"

Zip disk or some 3.5 diskettes.

Front Cover of Web Situe Usability Handbook

Class Meetings:

Section 02, T & TH, 8-10:05 PM in CC 210.

Students with Disabilities:

Students with a disability requiring auxiliary aids, services, or other accommodations should contact the Student Success Services Facilitator or drop by the Enrollment Services Office on the first floor.

Prior Learning:

Placement by testing or completion of BIT 112 with a grade of 2.0 or evidence of work at/or above that level.

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