Effort (1 point)

Developing (2 points)

Adequate (3 points)

Well Developed (4 points)

Contact summary sheet


Incomplete contact information.

Incomplete Project Lead Assignments

Complete contact information, but missing Team Bios.

Sheet includes your team name, contact information and bios for each team member, as well as the project lead assignments.

Initial client meeting notes and questions


Meeting synopsis is incomplete or does not include questions

Meeting questions do not solicit adequate information from the client.

Meeting synopsis includes complete questions and responses but no follow-up email to check understanding.

Questions prepared for client meeting, minutes, and follow-up email effectively draw out the necessary information from the client.

Strategic Brief


Many elements are missing or incomplete

Mission statement, objectives and concept are poorly worded, conflicting or off-target.

Mission statement, site objectives, and concept adequately describe the site. Target audience is given.

Mission statement, site objectives, and concept are complete and clear. Target audience is complete.

Comparative Analysis


One comparable only or checklist entries spotty

Missing or incomplete comparables

Three complete comparable analysis

Comparables provide a variety of “good” and “bad” check points to consider in design.

Project Lead:  A LEAD                                                                                                                                                                             Score: 12/12



Many elements are incomplete

Some elements are incomplete

Most elements are complete

All elements are complete



Many elements are inconsistent

Some elements are consistent

Most elements are consistent with sample submissions.

All elements are consistent with sample submissions.



Many elements submitted late

Some elements submitted late

Most elements submitted on-time

All elements submitted on-time

Please place all phase 0 documents in a folder called “phase 0” on your team’s website.