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Complete the following table with contact information, project lead selections and a short biography for each of your team members using Casey Cascadia as an example. Casey Cascadia was created as a fictional 1st year student at Cascadia Community College. Remove Casey as you complete your teamís entries. Save this file, print a copy for each member and upload it to the groupís blackboard site.


Member Name

Email address

Phone number (optional)

Project lead assignment

Casey Cascadia



Phase 2: Planning





















Short Biographies

Casey Cascadia graduated from Inglemoor High School in Kenmore Washington, June 2000, with a 3.95 GPA. While at Inglemoor, Casey earned International Baccalaureate (IB) certificates in math and science. Casey plans to complete the Associate in Integrated Studies (AIS) degree at Cascadia, and then transfer to the University of Washington Bothell campus to earn a Bachelor of Science in Computing & Software Systems degree. Casey is particularly interested in computers and programming and would like to work in the database and data-mining field.






Team Process

In order to work effectively in the limited class time available, decide together on a simple process that will help everyoneís full participation. A sample process is shown below. Briefly outline your team process in place of the sample one.


A.     Decide as a team who will work on which part of the assignment

B.     Do individual work between class sessions

1)      Communicate via email if questions arise

2)      Pair up as needed for more complicated tasks

C.     Report to the group at the beginning of the next class session

1)      Each member gives a 3-5 minute report

2)      Project lead facilitates the report session

D.     Determine what task remain and assign these as needed

1)      Project lead makes the assignment