Projects Still available

Club Gumbo

Purpose: To inform studnets of the clubs mission, events and to post zines

Users: Studnets at Cascadia Community College

Contact: Deborah Pontillo



Purpose(of the website):  to provide information and visuals to entice prospective safari-goers to book with the company. 


Users:  travellers from all over the world, but with special emphasis on North American and European customers.



Contact Susan Newell



 Emerald Pages

The flyer also requested that I provide the following:

A.)              The purpose.

a.     The main focus of our web site is to create an alternative to the larger search engines like Yahoo, and Goggle.

b.     Our company designís web pages, as well as websites.  We own the servers, and rent out our space to other businesses.  We also develop Databases for many companies.

c.      With creative help, we can develop a great looking web site that will fulfill the ever-growing demand for this type of site.

B.)              The Users.  ( I have defined 3 different types )

a.     The users will be people who surf the web daily.  Those who want what the want now, and donít want to spend hours in finding it.  Most search engines today are too complicated, and give you too many results.

b.     Also, those people who utilize the web for: Banking, Grocery Shopping, Gift Shopping, Bill Paying.  Things that done on a regular basis.

c.      A second type of person that will be using our web site, are first time users that donít really know how the internet thing works.  Maybe they get one of our CDís in the mail, put it in their first computers CD rom thingy, and then try to navigate around.

d.     The last type of person would be seniors.  We teach senior how to use the internet at many different senior centers.  This site will be the official book marked site for them.  We want new content, and up to date information, and a simply way to get it.

C.)              The contact information:

a.     Terry Henderson  206.356.9153

Projects already Chosen 
Purpose:               An informational site for the new restaurant called
Matts'                             Rotisserie & Oyster Lounge
Users:    The general public, links to restaurant information sites,
potential customers wanting to view the menu offerings, etc.
Contact: Matt Fleck, Owner  206-310-5480,



Purpose: An informational, marketing and reference site for my Pampered Chef
Users:  my customers
Contact: Leslie Schmidt, 425-485-8183,






Purpose: Informational Website for business - 'Acupuncture & Chinese Herb Center'
Goal: a) Help communicate information relating to alternative medical treatments. Specifically the use of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for pain management and/or the prevention of illness.
b) Provide contact information and Clinic location.
c) Post Government mandated Privacy postings
Users: Current or future patients:
  1) People already familiar with Acupuncture and TCM.
  2) People un-familiar w/ TCM and frustrated w/ busy hospitals/clinics and  are seeking alternative forms of treatment.
  3) People curious about what TCM is and would like to become better informed.
Contact: Dan Harrison [] 
or Jing Gao, LAc. [], Ph. (425) 861-6688,


Purpose:  An informational site for the Northshore Public Education
Users:  Parents, Students, Staff in the Northshore School District and
community members who might choose to support the Foundation.
Contact:  Jean Fowler, Executive Director, 425-480-6380,





Purpose: To provide information about the company for present and potential clients

Users: Adults inthe seattle area with money to invest