Evolution of Earth Systems

Portfolio Assignments

Spring 2009

Portfolios should be organized in the following order.  Neatness and organization are important.  All items must be bound together and fastened into a three hole punch folder or notebook.  Please do not use plastic page protectors.

The following items should be included in your portfolio:

Items in bold have been assigned to date.  Items in shadow have not yet been assigned and are not definite.

  1. Visualizing the Expansion of Space
  2. H-R Diagram
  3. Solar System Formation Drawings
  4. Reflection #1
  5. Atmospheric Temperatures with Altitude Graph
  6. Ozone depletion and Article
  7. Atmospheric Motion
  8. The Physical Ocean
  9. Reflection #2
  10. El Nio Discovery
  11. El Nio Impacts
  12. Tectonics
  13. Reflection #3


Portfolios Due:  6/3/09