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Population Problem

Due Sunday

Use Chapter 6 as a Reference


  • Complete using your textbook to find answers to the following questions.  Next week we will spend going over this information and answering any questions that come up.  Good luck and have fun!  Be sure to look at the grading criteria before and during your work.

Outline Grading Criteria:

  • Outline shows a conscientious effort to be complete and explain the questions posed.  Most answers are correct.


  • Student shows depth of answers by explaining, defining, and giving examples where appropriate.  If there is a sentence or less for each question, this grading criterion is not met.


1.  Why did developed nations come through the demographic transition without getting caught in the poverty-population trap?  How did developing nations get caught in this trap?





2.  At the Cairo conference in 1994, what was agreed upon?




3.  Discuss the factors that influence family size in developing nations.

            a)  Why does wanting security in old age affect family size?


b)     Why does infant and childhood mortality affect family size?



c)      Explain the factor of helping hands.



d)     What does the importance of education have to do with family size?



e)     How does the status of women relate to family size?



f)        How does the availability of contraception relate to family size?


  1. What are the factors that are conducive to having small families?  (Why does development lead to smaller family size?)





  1. How do high fertility, environmental degradation and poverty drive each other?  This is called the poverty cycle.





  1. In the development of nations what has been the good news?








    1. Bad news?





  1. What is the World Bank (what is its function)?






  1. What has the bank done that did not improve the conditions of developing nations?







    1. What has worked?










  1. What is the debt crisis? 







  1. Why is the debt crisis an ‘ecological disaster’?







  1. What is debt relief?  What must a country do to get their debt relieved?










  1. Social modernization:


    1. In social modernization what type of education is stressed?







    1. Why does social modernization put so much emphasis on reproductive health care?






    1. Why do diseases such as AIDS continue the population problem?





    1. What is the primary function of family planning?







    1. Why do family planning services result in fewer abortions?
    1. How many women die annually from abortions performed by untrained doctors?






    1. What is the United States current policy towards international family planning?  Does this help developing nations move towards social modernization?






    1. What is micro lending?







    1. Why does micro lending seem to be more successful than large loans for large projects?








    1. Why does environmentally sustainability depend on resource management?








  1. What is result of the Cairo Conference?







    1. How are the goals of the conference going to be accomplished?