Outline 2:  Matter and Energy

Due Sunday by midnight

Use Chapter 3 as a Reference




Complete using your textbook to find answers to the following questions.  Next week we will spend going over this information and answering any questions that come up.  Good luck and have fun!  


Outline Grading Criteria




  1. What is the law of conservation of matter?


  1. Define an element:


  1. What are the 6 key elements?  (The six that make up about 95% of living bodies).



  1. Describe each of the four spheres.


  1. How can you tell the difference between organic and inorganic compounds?



6.    If living organisms need more of a particular element, where in the abiotic environment are the elements found?




    1. Define the term energy:


    1. Define the term Kinetic Energy and give several examples:


    1. Define the term Potential Energy and give several examples:


Thermodynamics are laws that govern how Matter and Energy interact.

    1. Define the first law of thermodynamics and give an example:



    1. Define the second law of thermodynamics and give an example:



    1. Do the first and second laws contradict each other?  Explain.



7.  In relationship to the tropic pyramid answer the following:



a) How do matter and energy enter the pyramid?




b) Describe what producers do with the matter and energy they attain.



c)      What is the relationship of cellular respiration and weight gain and




d) How do matter and energy exit the pyramid?



e) How do matter and energy move from level to level?



f) How much E moves from level to level?



g) What happened to the rest of the energy that is not transferred?