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Yvonne V. Richardson

REPORT: Networking Topics

The week's assignment will be to report on two networking topics.† You can choose topics from the following list, or you may select your own.† Your report must be at least one page per topic, not including header and title information.† It must also be double-spaced and include a page of works cited, according to MLA format. There must be at least two works cited per topic, not including Wikipedia. Please use the Internet and the Library for your research to find information that is public-facing, and therefore not proprietary.†


Useful Websites

http://www.uwb.edu/library or http://libguides.uwb.edu/bit

MLA Formatting and Style Guide:

Active Directories

Network Monitoring and Alarms

Area Networks: SAN, WAN, LAN, MAN

Network-Connected Devices

Certificate Authorities

NON-Microsoft LANís

Client-Server Architecture

OSI Model

Cloud Computing

Packet Switching


Peer-to-Peer Networking

Disaster Planning

Remote Network Control

Error Correction


Feasibility: Servers vs. Routers

Streaming Media

Hardware: Repeaters, Routers, Switches, Hubs, UPS

Tier Architecture

IEEE 802.x Standards

Topologies: Ring, Star, et. Al.

License Control

Virtual Private Networks


Wakeup on LAN

Network Policies and Permissions

WAN Topology