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Yvonne V. Richardson

REPORT: Web Design and Application Programming

The week's assignment will be to create a specification for a Web site for a fictitious company. You and your team will not actually create the site, but you will describe it. The description of the site, not including the graphics, should average about one page per team member, not including a page of Works Cited. There must be a rationale for every item that you include in your specification. Your report must be double-spaced, and authored according to MLA format. You will search the Internet for five companies similar to your company during the research phase, to help you determine what your site should contain and how it should look.


Your team will:

 Choose colors, fonts, and graphics that are appropriate for your corporation's industry. You may choose random colors from palettes, or use themes from PowerPoint or other software.

 Select components such as blogs, e-mail, or database management, and indicate why the site needs them.

 Decide whether you will host your site, or if you will have it hosted by an Information Service Provider (ISP).

 Determine what language or product your site will be developed in, such as GoogleDocs, SharePoint, or HTML.

 Indicate what types of tools are needed to build your site. For example, you may want to use Photoshop, Fireworks, or some other product to support graphics design.

 Include links to the five companies, whose sites resemble your site, in your report.

 Write a background for your corporation that includes the name of the business, where it is located, the size of the company, the industry that the corporation is in, and whether there are factors about the company that impact the Web design.

 Create a prototype of the Home Page. It should include some approximation of the navigation links for the page.


How you divide these duties is up to the individual members of the team, but it is suggested that each person be responsible for two items on the above list. You should also elect a team captain who keeps track of team responsibilities. The SharePoint Site should allow you to post individual pages to your team folder, and then you can combine them into one large document.

Please use the Internet and the Library for your research to find information that is public-facing, and therefore not proprietary. Remember to record the links that you encounter while you are surfing. You may also want to save copies of the most interesting web pages, or record screen shots of the Web sites that you would like to share with your team.

Useful Websites

Fictitious Text:

MLA Formatting and Style Guide: