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Yvonne V. Richardson


We have explored the field of Information Technology to determine where we fit within the Ethernet landscape. During our journey, we created records of our travels. Each topic we researched can be considered a separate chapter. You will now create a portfolio of your work. Your portfolio will be in permanent storage media and be formatted as described in a later section of this document. It will include an introduction and a summary. Portfolio contents are described before the portfolio checklist. Those of you who are looking for extra credit can hyperlink your portfolio into one cohesive work.


Storage Media

There are three basic formats available. You may burn a CD, you may burn a DVD, or you may reserve an area on your flash drive specifically for the portfolio. The CD format is preferable, because of its size, permanence and cost; a DVD will waste disk space. You would probably want to re-use your flash drive without your portfolio after this class, but if you do not have CD/DVD burning facilities available to you, it is a reasonable format. Paper portfolios will not be accepted, nor will we use e-mail or the SharePoint site.



Each chapter in a book contains the final version of your topics, any works cited, and other research notes or electronic items you want to store with the topic. In a paper notebook you would probably use dividers between chapters. For this electronic format, it is reasonable to store all of our work in one directory; however, you may use subdirectories for each topic if you want. Remember to copy your files with tools (such as the Explorer Copy command) that preserve the original file dates and formats in the new directory.



You will introduce your portfolio and conclude your work. This implies you need an introductory paragraph, and a paragraph that summarizes what you learned from this class. The first page in your portfolio will include the header and the introduction. The introduction is at least a paragraph long, and contains a description of each assignment, so that it substitutes for a Table of Contents. Those of you who know how to create hyperlinks to the individual documents will use this page to do so, and/ or you may hyperlink your portfolio to your Career Objectives. You have seven items to introduce, so your descriptions should not be more than one page long, including the report header. You do not need a separate Works Cited page for the introduction and summary.


Portfolio Checklist

Your content will be presented in this order.

1. Introduction

2. Homework Three: Personal Statement

3. Homework Five: Resume and Cover Letter

4. Homework Eight: Career Objectives and Timeline

5. Homework Two: Information Technologies Leading Edge Report

6. Homework Six: Networking Topics

7. Homework Four: Web Design and Application Programming Site Prototype

8. Homework Seven: Manual Translation to Fictitious Language Before and After

9. Summary: What I Learned