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REPORT: Personal Statement

Personal statements are sometimes also called "application essays" or "statements of purpose." They are in response to questions on a college or university application form. There is no set formula to follow in shaping your response since each person is different.


The formula we will use to create a personal statement will present you as a professional who is interested in an IT career. It will align you with the degree program and with the Information Technologies market. Its use will assist professors and Human Resource personnel in perceiving you as a knowledgeable and professional candidate. The PowerPoint Presentation will educate you on how to create this type of personal statement for this exercise. 


For this assignment you will create a personal statement.  Most of its components are in the college course catalog and course description.  Your statement will center around your degree title and from three classes within your degree program.


Select the degree most closely associated with your interests, and within that program, find the names and numbers of three classes that are most interesting to you. Then, find the class descriptions, and choose one noun from the name and description of each class.  These nouns form the focus of your personal statement, and can be used as keywords for job searches.  They should also be unique.


Now, form those words into a sentence that describes your relationship to the degree program.  This sentence is your personal statement.  It should begin with a phrase such as "I want to study…" or "I am learning…"  You may have to refer to the class descriptions to find words to add that will make a real sentence.  You may add to your keywords as appropriate, but try to keep the list of words below a dozen keywords.


Next, deconstruct the sentence back into the nouns, and use those keywords to find jobs on an employer Web site.  For example, you may find as many as 300 jobs on a career site with the word "Web".  Note that "Web" may be a more effective keyword than "Website", but every employer is different.  You will turn in the names of those employers and the three job descriptions as part of your assignment.


Link to Example


To reiterate, for this assignment, you will create a packet that contains the following six types of items.


· Three job descriptions, each from a different employer.  The job titles and/or descriptions will contain keywords from your keyword list.

· The three employers.  You may include their URLS.

· The keyword list that you created from the degree and class information

· Names/numbers of three classes  in your degree program

· The name of your degree

· Your personal statement


You can copy and paste all of this information into a single document, and then format it appropriately.  The resulting document will be only one font and only one size.  You may remove any formatting from the business Web page that you feel detracts from your presentation.  Then, review this document for keywords from your list, and underline all occurrences of each keyword.


Put this information in an order that makes sense to you.  You may want to create sections in your document to make it easier to verify that all of the information is in the document.


Keep this information (and previous assignments) on your flash drive, so you will have it available to you in an electronic format for reuse during the quarter.