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Yvonne V. Richardson

Students will examine and review the major WAN service choices: LAPB, Frame relay, ISDN, PPP, and others. This course introduces the routing of major protocols other than TCP/IP. Monitoring of protocol operations on a router will be examined. Alternative methods for LAN segmentation bridges, routers, and switches will be analyzed and examined in depth. The benefits of various LAN segmentation approaches will be reviewed in the context of WAN design. Prerequisite(s): Completion of BIT 102 with a grade of 2.0 or higher.

Fall 2010


This course provides an overview of the computer field through presentations by faculty and staff, as well as industry experts, job recruiters, and recent graduates. As part of the course, students might also make site visits to both large and small IT operations, ISP, and software development firms. Students will update their interactive portfolio to include a preliminary analysis of their career objectives with a timetable and the steps they would undertake to achieve those objectives.

Winter 2010

This is an intensive course designed as a preparation for the two A+ certification exams: The A+ Core Hardware Exam (220-201) and the A+ Operation System (OS) Technologies Exam (220-202). A+ Certification is a CompTIA-sponsored testing program that certifies the competency of entry level (6 months experience) computer service technicians. The A+ test contains situational, traditional, and identification types of questions. The test covers a broad range of hardware and software technologies, but is not bound to any vendor-specific products. Success on these exams requires extensive study beyond the scope and time frame of this preparation course.