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Blog Assignment

[print copy of instructions]

Blog #1: Post due [date]                  Topic: Culture

              Responses due [date]

Blog #2: Post due [date]                  Topic: Language

              Responses due [date]

Blog #3: Post due [date]               Topic: Religion

              Responses due [date]

Blog #4: Post due [date]               Topic: Culture Conflict and Development

              Responses due [date]

For this assignment, each student will create a blog, or web log, related to specific topics in this class. This will enable each student to explore topics in a little more detail while evaluating popular media's contribution to the topic. Blogs offer a different way to approach discourse as they provide an open forum for public communication. In recent times, blogs have been become influential in media and politics (see the following links for just a couple of stories: http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,65034,00.html  and http://www.time.com/time/personoftheyear/2004/poymoments.html).

Minimum Requirements

  1. Create your blog; email your username and blog domain to instructor

  2. Locate an article on the web that discusses the value of blogging. Create a post critically evaluating the article. This will be your test post. For this test, please respond to at least one of your peers' blog entry. Please note that articles cannot from a library database or an encyclopedia, including Wikipedia. Always provide a link to the article or web page that is the focus of your blog entry. Check your post to make sure the complete URL is visible or that the link works. This applies to all blog posts

  3. Find an article on the assigned topic. Post an entry about the article: Blog posts must be 200 words minimum (that is fewer words than are in the first three paragraphs of these instructions). Your blogs must be posted by midnight on the date they are due. A time stamp is automatically posted when you submit your entry.

     You must provide a word count. I HIGHLY recommend that you type your comments in a word processing program and use the word count function to assess the number of words (this will also allow you to keep a copy of your blog on your home computer—you can copy and paste from your word processing program into the text box on eBlogger). If you fail to provide a word count, 1 point will be deducted each time it is missing. This means you could lose up 12 points total for failure to include your word count in your posts and responses.

     Do not use chatroom or text-messaging abbreviations. This is a school assignment and correct spelling and grammar is expected. Remember – you are writing in a public forum and any one can read your posts.

  1. Respond to two other students' entries: Responses must be at least 75 words (that's fewer words than are in this paragraph). You must provide a word count in parentheses at the end of your posts. Email the URLs of the blogs to which you respond to the instructor. This will ensure that I don’t inadvertently overlook one of your responses. You must choose different student blogs each time you respond.

     DO NOT RESPOND TO CLASSMATES BLOGS UNTIL THE DAY FOLLOWING THE DUE DATE. This will ensure that all students' blogs are posted and are available for student responses. I would ask that if you see a blog has numerous responses that you try to find one that does not have any or few responses. That way we can try to make sure all students' blogs get some feedback during the quarter.

  1. Respond to at least one student’s comments about your post.

You will repeat these steps four (4) times (various due dates).

To reiterate, do not use Internet or text-messaging abbreviations. This is a school assignment, not a blog that you are creating for fun (although I hope you have fun creating it). I will not be able to correct your blog as only you have access to it; however, I will be checking it for spelling and grammar. Again, I recommend that you type and save your blog in a word processing program first, then copy and paste it into the blog text box. That way you have a copy if something goes wrong and you can run a spell and grammar check. See the General Assignment Guidelines for information about common spelling/ grammatical mistakes. If you feel you absolutely must use sarcasm, you must make it clear to the reader that you are being sarcastic. In light of the aforementioned, I recommend that you avoid sarcasm as it does not translate well on the Internet.

While respectful disagreement is fine, no slamming your classmates' opinions. Insulting comments will be deleted and you will earn zero (0) points for that particular response.

Creating Your Blog

We will be using WordPress to create our blogs. See video for instructions on how to set up your blog and personalize it. If you prefer not to view the video, go to http://wordpress.com/ to create your blog.

Creating your blog

Personalizing your blog

I will compile a list of the class' blog URLs and post it on the class web site so that you can easily locate your classmates' blogs. If you want more information on how to approach blogging, please read the following article: http://bloghelpdesk.blogspot.com/.

Once you have created your blog and emailed me your display name and blog web address (URL) you are ready to start blogging. Your display name and URL are due to me no later than [date].


Learn Actively: 25 points

Communicate with Clarity and Originality: 25 points

Think Critically, Creatively, and Reflectively: 25 points

Interact in Diverse and Complex Environments: 25 points


After the response deadline, you will receive an email from me with comments. You will only receive comments on the first three blogs. I expect to see that you apply the comments to subsequent blog entries.


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