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Introductions: Without referring to your text books or any of the lectures, take 5 minutes to describe your culture. Your description should be posted by midnight, June 27. By midnight, June 29, you should post a comment to at least three of your classmates' descriptions. Your might comment on similarities or something that strikes you as very different from your own culture. Whomever you chose to reply, your comments should be thoughtful and substantial.

Discussion Board Guidelines: Post one guideline for behavior on the discussion boards by June 27. I will compile the guidelines and post them here. Everyone is expected to adhere to the guidelines for the duration of the quarter.

Questions for Tori: Use this board to post questions for me. I will check it every day during the first week of the quarter and 3-4 times thereafter.

General Assignment Feedback: This board is not for posting questions about the assignments. If you have a question please post it to Questions for Tori or email me. I will use this board to post remarks about the assignments that are geared for the entire class.

Week 1: Culture and Language

Week 2: How do I think like an anthropologist?

Week 3: How do people make a living and get things done?

Week 4: How do people organize themselves?

Week 5: How does culture impact identity?

Week 6: How do people ascribe meaning to life?

Week 7: How are people adapting to globalization?

Week 8: Wrapping it up

Culture Map