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Note: lectures are available in three formats: narrated PowerPoint presentation, MP3 audio only, and text only.

Week 1: [June 23-29]
What is Culture? This week we begin examining the culture concept and language.

Week 2: [June 30-July 6]
How do I think like an anthropologist? Week 2 finds us discovering what it means to be a cultural anthropologist. We will look at methodology, theory, and ethics in anthropology as well as cultural relativism.

Week 3: [July 7-13]
How do people make a living and get things done? This week we look at subsistence practices and economics. We will also examine politics. Most of us think of state-level societies when we think of political organization; however, there were (and are) other types of political organization that pre-date the state.

Week 4: [July 14-20]
How do people organize themselves? Marriage, family and kinship are the topics of the week.

Week 5: [July 21-27]
How does culture impact identity? The influence of culture on the creation of gender and identity norms is examined this week.

Week 6: [July 28-August 3]
How do people ascribe meaning to life? Belief systems are the topic of study during the 6th week of class. We will look at the five global religions as well as other organized and non-organized belief systems.

Week 7: [August 4-10]
How are people adapting to globalization? Many anthropologists today work with peoples who are impacted by modern development. We spend the next to the last week investigating the effects of development on the social institutions we have discussed over the course of the quarter.

Week 8: [August 11-14]
Putting it all together. In the last week of class, we put it all together in our final essays.