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This course is divided into three units: Unit 1 - Evolutionary Theory and Human Adaptation, Unit 2 - Primates, Unit 3 - Human Evolution. For the most part, you can work through each unit at your own pace; however, unless otherwise specifically stated, all worksheets and assessments for each unit are due before the date of the exam for that unit. I have provided a suggested timeline to assist you in planning your time for the unit; keep in mind that there are a few firm due dates; e.g., debate and discussion, but, again, for the most part you can work at your own pace. Do not wait until the final week of the unit to try and complete all of the work as it will, in all probability, be problematic for your grade. The timed exam is only open on the date it is due.

When you see image icon for sound files that means there is a sound clip of how to pronounce words.

Each student will be assigned to a Study Group. Each Study Group (or team) will have its own private discussion forum. You may use your group members to ask questions about and work on the worksheets together. However, each student must turn in their own work using the appropriate assessment upload link. After the first unit, each study group will have the opportunity of "firing" team members (see Worksheet instructions for further details). You may also request a new study group; however, in either instance, it will then be up to that student (either fired or requesting) to find a new team. Whichever Study Group team you end up on for Unit 2 will be your group for the remainder of the quarter.

Study Group teams will also be your debate team and your team for the Public Awareness Campaign. Please read the instruction guidelines for both of these assessments.

Unless specifically stated, you may not collaborate on non-worksheet assignments with your Study Group partners.


General Assessment Guidelines

File Naming Convention: Please use your last name as your file name. If you want to add the assessment name, that is fine; however, you must have your last name in the file name.

e.g., saneda.doc or saneda_dancingskeletons.doc

This will enable me to quickly grade instead of having to look up each student's SID number. I can open files in Office, OpenOffice, and iWorks formats.

General Note: Please follow the assessment instructions carefully.* Assessments will not be accepted through email unless specified. For the majority of assessments, use the drop box found in the appropriate assessment folder. Once I have finished grading, I will upload a file with comments.

* Note: Average work meets the minimum requirements spelled out in the assignment instructions. Students who push themselves beyond the minimum requirements earn higher scores

Late Assessment Policy: No late assessments will be accepted except in the case of personal or family illness or a death in the immediate family (spouse, children, parents, siblings, including step-). Work and vacation are not acceptable reasons for missing assessment deadlines.

Spelling and Grammar: These spelling and grammar guidelines apply to all assessments.

For every 5 spelling and grammar mistakes you make, you will lose 1 point except for the following items which cost 1 point for EACH time you make the mistake: they're/there/their, your/you're, its/it's. I cannot recommend highly enough that you type all your work in a word processing program and run both a spell and grammar check, even for work you will posting in the discussion forums. This will also enable you to keep a copy of your work on your own computer. You are responsible for keeping a copy of all your work.

Grading:I will try to grade all assessments within one week of submission; however, because I grade specifically to the outcomes, it may take me longer than one week. Also, if everyone waits until the last minute to turn in their work, it will take me longer to grade.



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