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BIT 142:
Intermediate Programming

Online Section
Taught by Mike Panitz



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Orientation ←Start here!!  Read & follow these instructions!

Introduction to this course, Visual Studio, and C#
Class Date:
(Note that each Lesson may have more parts than are listed here.  The following list is meant to provide quick access to, and focus your attention on, the various tasks and activities that you must do each week; you are responsibile for getting everything done each week regardless of whether it's listed here or not!!)
  • In-Class Exercises
    (These are the activities that we'll be doing in class on )
  • Online Videos and Post-Class Exercises (Due at the start of Lesson 02) (I.e., due by on  )
    (These are individually completed exercises to verify that you've learned the material covered in Lesson 01 (at least, at a basic level). )
  • Assignment 1 (Due , by )
    (Assignments are larger projects that should require more open-ended problem solving)
Conditional Statements (if, if/else, switch), integer division, modulus; Repetition (loops), random numbers
Class Date:
Parameters, return values, arrays; Object Oriented Programming
Class Date:
Arrays of Objects
Class Date:


Objects as parameters & return values; Arrays inside objects; Polymorphism (Overriding Methods)
Class Date:
MIDTERM EXAM will happen in this week!
Exact details will be announced at a later date.


Navigating Existing, Large Programs
Class Date:
Linear Search; Binary Search; BubbleSort; Big "Oh" Notation; End-of-quarter wrap-up and review
Class Date:
The Final Exam
Class Date:

FINAL EXAM is on Tuesday Aug 22nd
from 3 - 8pm
in room CC1-231!!
The exam should take 1.5 - 2 hours, but you're welcome to stay for more time if you'd like. 
You can start the exam at any time in the 3pm - 8pm range. 
At 8pm the exams will be collected and all students must leave the room.  Make sure to show up early enough so that you have enough time for the exam!

All students will have to provide photo ID before taking the exam.
You will need to have an official piece of ID that has your name and a picture of you on it, and youíll need to show it to me before you leave (Iíll put a checkbox on your exam to help you remember, I will try to remember myself, but please remind me if I forgot).  

If it will be difficult for you to obtain photo ID please let me know ASAP, and at least one week prior to the exam.

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