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Instructor Info

  • Instructor: Mike Panitz
    (Email listed in syllabus)
  • Office: CC1-319
  • Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, 11:00 AM to 12:30PM or by appointment 

Open Labs

Open Labs are an opportunity to work in a computer lab with a knowledgable lab monitor present.  You can ask the monitor questions (but keep in mind that the monitor is NOT a tutor), you can do group work or group-studying with other students (in this class or any other class), or you can work individually on a school computer or on your own laptop.

Homework assignments

Lectures and Schedule

All topics should be considered to be tentative, and subject to change

Topic Lecture Schedule Homework Assignments Topics

Getting started with HTML, CSS

Lecture 1

The BIT116 Web Site
Intro to HTML

Lecture 2

Scheduling your time More HTML!

Lecture 3


Getting started with JavaScript

Lecture 4



Lecture 5

  JavaScript and JQuery

Lecture 6

  Troubleshooting and Debugging JavaScript


Lecture 7

  Conditional statements (if, if/else, multiway)

Lecture 8


Non-Instructional Day, No Classes

Lecture 9

Assignment #1 due at the start of class SnowMagedon 2019, Part 1 - NO CLASS

Lecture 10


Detecting (non)numeric input

Midterm Exam

Lecture 11

Assignment #2 FIRST DRAFT due
at the END of class
SnowMagedon 2019, Part 2 - NO CLASS

Lecture 12

  SnowMagedon 2019, Part 2, continued - NO CLASS


Lecture 13

Assignment #2 SECOND DRAFT
due at the start of class
Exam Review

Radio buttons and Check boxes

Homework work time

Lecture 14

Assignment #1 REVISION
due at the start of class

Midterm Exam

Lecture 15

Assignment #2
due at 9pm

Go over the midterm

Work time for homeworks, homework revisions

Logical Operators

Loops and Arrays


Lecture 16

Assignment #3 due
at the END of class

Functions, Part 1 - Define, call, return void

Lecture 17


Functions, Part 2 - Collect, Call, Recieve Patterns

Lecture 18


Functions, Part 3 - Decomposing Blobs of Code Into Functions

Lecture 19



Lecture 20


Arrays, Part 1 - Numeric Arrays

Final Exam


Lecture 21

  Arrays, Part 2 - Associative Arrays

Review List Of Topics For The Final Exam

Lecture 22


Final Exam

Lecture 23

Arrays, Part 1.5 - Patterns of usage for numeric arrays


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MDN tutorials

HTML5 tutorial (by Per at Scrimba)

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