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2018 Fall Version


2012 Spring Version

Appendix F was removed because it's not accessible, and I don't really have the ability to edit it so that it is accessible

Lecture 5 (Loops):

  1. Getting used to a "Parsons's Problem"
  2. Parson's Problem: Rearranging stuff on just part of the page
  3. Parson's Problem: Running The Robot To A Wall
  4. Parson's Problem: Turning the robot north
  5. Parson's Problem: picking up all the Things

Lecture 5 (Loops):

  1. Parson's Problem: Moving multiple times


NOTE: This page will not be used for BIT 115 for this quarter.
Please find the course materials in Canvas


All topics should be considered to be tentative, and subject to change

Date: Lecture #: Due Dates:






















Lecture #: Readings: Topics:
1 Ch 1: Read all
Skim 1.1
Study 1.2-1.4
Study 1.5
Study 1.7
<Skip 1.6>
Course Intro,
Modeling with software
Getting Started with Java and Karel
What Compiling, Executing Are
ComWeds patterns
<Skip the GUI stuff>
2 Ch 1.5
Ch 1.4.5
Types of Errors
Setting up a city
Tracing Program Code
3 Appendix F.1
(see below for how to get App. F)

Ch 2.1, 2.2
Ch 2.4
Extending A Class 

Coding Style
4 App F.3,
Ch 4.1, 4.2
Ch 4.4
Making Decisions – if statements
If…else statements

Tracing, Finding Errors
5 <Same as prior lecture> Making Decisions – if statements, If…else statements

Coding Exercises
6 App F.2
Ch 4.1
Repeating Statements – while loops

Tracing, Finding Errors
7 <Same as prior lecture> Repeating Statements – while loops

Coding Exercises
8 No New Reading

Midterm Exam

9 Ch 5.2
Ch 5.8.3

Temporary Memory

Counting Loop Pattern

9 Ch 6.6.1

Printing out expressions

Review for exam

10 -
Ch 9.4

Ch 9.5
Exam Feedback
Getting the user's input
NOTE: Do NOT use the appendix for I/O – it is obsolete!

'Command Interpreter' Pattern
11 App F.5
Ch 4.6
Ch 6.2.2
Arguments to methods (Parameters)

"Parameter Variables vs. Temporary Variables" only
12 App F.7
Ch 6.1, 6.2, 6.3
Instance Variables

More Arguments to methods (Parameters)
13 Ch 4.5

Ch 6.2
Ch 4.4
Predicate Methods

Overriding inherited methods 
Programs in multiple files
14   Non-Robot software (I/O Review)

 Ch 5.3

Ch 5.5.1

Nested if & while statements

For loops

16 Ch 5.5.1
Ch 10.1 – 10.1.7
Ch 10.2
Ch 10.5
For loops
Arrays of objects
Creating an array
Arrays of primitives



Ch 10.1 – 10.1.7
Ch 10.2
Ch 10.5

Ch 10.3

Arrays of objects
Creating an array
Arrays of primitives

Arrays as parameters


Ch 4.5

Ch 10.3

Predicate Methods

Arrays as return values

20 HIDDEN Final exam answers
Prep for next quarter


Ch 10.3


Arrays as return values

Ch 5.4

Ch 5.5.2
Ch 5.3.3
Boolean expressions && Logical Operators

Do … while loops
Switch statements

<Review For Final Exam>