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In Class Exercises (ICEs)

Part 1: Practice Exercises

Pick from amongst the following problems. Start with any one that you want and try to solve it.  If you get done with that one, then pick another one and work on that, etc, etc.

Part 1-A: Totalling Up Purchase Options

Create a page that will let the user select from amongst of a list of options, each of which has a price.  When the user clicks the button you should total up the cost and tell the user what the total is.

For example: the page might display a list of options for a car that you wish to buy, and total up the cost of those options when you click the button, like so:

What options would you like for your car?
Stereo ($200)
Leather Seats ($100)
Those fuzzy dice things to hang from your rear-view mirror ($10)
Convertible top ($1500)

To be clear: you are encouraged to come up with your own idea, and your own options for what the user can pick.

Part 1-B: Multi-Way Converter Page

This exercise builds on the exercise from the previous topic (Radio Buttons) - you'll need to complete the prior one before doing this one.

In the prior version of this exercise you converted from a particular currency to any ONE of a number of options.  For this exercise you will use checkboxes so that the user can select which one or ones they'd like to convert to.

To keep things simple we'll go back to having a single starting currency, as pictured here:

Type the starting amount (in US dollars) here:
What would you like to convert to (check off all that you want to see the conversion to)?
US dollars