BIT 116: Scripting in JavaScript

About this Course

In learning JavaScript, students will apply their programming skills to develop web pages, including loops, conditionals, arrays and functions. Students are introduced to the JavaScript object model, user-defined objects, event handlers, forms, and cascading style sheets.

Course Schedule

Topic Lecture Schedule Homework Assignments Topics

Getting started with HTML, CSS

The BIT116 Web Site
Intro to HTML
Lecture 2 More HTML
New tags and resources
Lecture 3 CSS

Getting started with JavaScript

Lecture 4 Bootstrap
Intro to JavaScript
Lecture 5 JavaScript Cont.
Lecture 6 Troubleshooting and Debugging
Using browser developer tools

Conditionals and Input

Lecture 7 Conditional Statements
Lecture 8 Detecting Input
Ensuring numerical input
Lecture 9 Radio Buttons
Lecture 10
Wed., April 25th
Homework 1 Due Check Boxes

Midterm Exam

Lecture 11
Mon., April 30th
Midterm Exam
Practice Questions


Lecture 12 Logical Operators
Lecture 13 Homework 2 Due Functions
Introduction to Functions
Lecture 14 Functions
Collect, Call, and Recieve
Lecture 15 Functions 3
Decomposing code into functions.

Loops and Arrays

Lecture 16 Loops
Lecture 17 Homework 1 Resubmission Numeric Arrays
Lecture 18 Associative Arrays
Lecture 19 Homework 3 Due Usage Patterns

Final Exam

Lecture 20 Exam Review
Lecture 21 Homework 2 Resubmission Due Final Exam

Homework Projects



If you're working at home (or on your own laptop) then you'll need to download and install some software that will help you edit HTML files more easily (and CSS files, and JavaScript files).  We will be using in this class, but you're free to use whatever you want. works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and is available for free online at

You can use whichever version is current - don't worry if the instructor is using a different version than you (or if any screenshots in this course look different from what you're using). 

(Note that downloading and installing may take a while - if you're doing these exercises in class make sure that you're following along with these exercises (on a school computer, or co-working on a friend's computer)while the software downloads and installs)

(Note that if you've taken BIT 112/113 previously and are planning on doing web design professionally that I'd recommend that you continue using Dreamweaver (or whatever you used in 112/113) so that you can get more practice using that tool.)

Once you've installed your editor you should start it up.  W3Schools has a good overview of the workflow that you'll use to edit web pages.

Other Handy Resources

w3school HTML references

CSS reference page

CSS Explorations

Color Exploration

Font Availability and Web Fonts

Bootstrap Tutorial

JavaScrip Reference / Docs

Shift-Esc brings up Chrome's task manager

JavaScript the Good Parts: Good viewing towards the end of the course.