City Setup


Note:  Please keep the programs that you create today, in case you have a question about your grades for the ICEs at the end of the quarter. When you're working with a partner, each person should save their own, individual copy.


ICE #6: Setting up the City


ICE #6.1:  The Basics


            Start by using the computer to make a simple city with nothing in it.  You should start with the, from the first day. Delete lines 25 through 29, and then try and write all the code yourself, from memory. 


Write code to create a city named seattle (remember that Java is case sensitive!), and within seattle, create a robot named gretel. J


ICE #6.2:  Some Walls


    Use the code that you've created in ICE 6.1 as a basis for doing this part.  First, examine the picture (left), and figure out which intersection the robot and the thing are located at.   Next, figure out how many walls there are, and which intersection they're at.

    You should then try to write out the Java code that will generate the given city.  Use the file that you created for ICE 6.1 as a starting point, modifying it as needed.

    Add some code to have the robot move around the box of walls, and pick up the Thing that you added.


ICE #6.3:

    If you finish ICE 6.2 and still have time, try creating the city pictured to the left.