I/O, Non-robotic Programming Homework

This assignment requires the completion of one piece of software. Please submit your code:

The challenge in this software is to figure out how to complete the requirements with fairly little in the way of guidance. You will want to read the comments in the supplied starter-code carefully. The successful assignment will not only meet all requirements, but it will be neatly organized, and well commented. You are expected to create the suggested methods, and use the more formal commenting style.

You should complete this assignment with a partner. Make sure that each member of the team is working on the code, and understands all aspects of it. When you submit the code, just one person needs to submit the code - the names of all team members should be at the top of the file.


You will complete a class called StudentInfo. When you run the main method of this class, it will ask for a set of information from the user. It will then respond with a summary of this information, and some additional conclusions. The list of information, as well as helper method functionality is described below.

  1. Download the class: StudentInfo.java
  2. The documentation comment at the top of the file includes a @author. You should put the names of all team members after this tag.
  3. Complete the method 'passFail' as commented.
  4. Complete the method 'fourPointGrade' as commented. Please note that this is not merely a linear conversion, but must limit the final grade to the specified range.
  5. Look in the main method. There are a number of output message (prompts for input), followed by input. You should complete these as the comments specify. Correct input will include using 'hasNextDouble', and 'nextLine' to check for appropriate responses.
  6. Write the code that calls the methods you created.
  7. The main method call for some final informative output. Please complete this as commented. Correct output will include formatting to make the product readable and attractive.

Additional Information