Geology 101 **online**
Capstone Project:  Geologic Hazards and Disaster Management in King County


The capstone project in Geology 101 will require you to familiarize yourself with the geologic hazards present in King County and then analyze King County's level of preparedness for dealing with those hazards.

You will conduct this project with your cohort members.  Each member should choose one of the following topics:

Once each group member has selected a topic, he or she should refer to their textbook and the following website to garner an expertise for their specific hazard.  Other web resources should also be investigated in order to develop a thorough understanding.

The next step is to review the following resources in order to understand how jurisdictions can prepare for and mitigate these hazards.  The following sites will provide such information.


As will be indicated through the ASSIGNMENTS section of Blackboard, the final project is actually several assignments leading up to the final product.  They are as follows:  (these steps will appear as specific assignments in Blackboard)

            1.  Read this page and follow the directions.  This assignment is what instructed you to come here.

            2.  Go to the Capstone Project Forum (not a group forum) and prepare an entry which summarizes what you learned.  Also, and very importantly,  indicate your opinion on how prepared King County is for your specific hazard.  Specifically identify strengths and weaknesses.  This entry should demonstrate your deep understanding and should be of significant content.  TITLE THE ENTRY WITH THE TYPE OF HAZARD, i.e. TSUNAMIS.  This is important because others need to locate your entry according to the type of hazard.

            3.  Read the entries from other cohorts that have the same hazard as you do (there should be six).  Compare and contrast with what you wrote.  Respond to each one, commenting on similarities and differences.

            4.  Revise your submission with what you learned from the others entries, and submit the revision to your COHORT discussion forum.

            5.  Read the submissions from your cohort members and their respective hazards (which will be different from yours).  Begin to formulate a sense of King County's overall disaster preparedness.  Begin a discussion with your cohorts on this topic.

            6.  As a cohort, develop a statement (approx. 1 large paragraph) which indicates your cohort's opinion of the region's overall preparedness for each of the hazards.  Read the other cohort's statements following their publication.


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