Geology 101   ** online**

Spring 2009

Portfolio Assignments


Portfolios should be organized in the following order.  Neatness and organization are important.  All items should be bound together and fastened into a folder.  Use a three-hole punch folder is best.  Use dividers to separate individual entries.  PLEASE DO NOT USE PLASTIC SLEEVE PROTECTORS.

The following items should be included in your portfolio:

Items in bold have been assigned to date.  Items in shadow have not yet been assigned and are not definite.


  1. Campus Geology Reflection
  2. Discovering Plate Tectonics
  3. Mineral Properties
  4. Rock Properties
  5. Locating Earthquakes
  6. Predicting Eruptions - Earthquakes as Warning Signs
  7. Topographic Maps and Contouring
  8. Wetlands tour and discharge activity
  9. Climate Change Reflection


Portfolios are due 6/1 at the end of Lab.