Survey of Astronomy

Portfolio Inclusions

Winter 2008

Portfolios should be organized in the following order.  Neatness and organization are important.  All items should be bound together and fastened into a  three hole punch notebook.

The following items must be included in your portfolio:

Items in bold have been assigned to date.  Items in shadow have not yet been assigned and are not definite.

  1. Cosmic Voyage Reflection
  2. Sunrises and Sunsets
  3. Historical Astronomer
  4. Planetary Orbits and Kepler's Laws
  5. Reflection Paper #1
  6. Practice in Chemistry
  7. Spectroscopy of Stars and Galaxies
  8. Planetary Research Expedition
  9. Eruption Plumes of Io
  10. Voyage Into the Sun
  11. Reflection Paper #2
  12. Hertzprung-Russell Diagram

  Portfolios Due:  3/10/08