Astronomy 101 Final Project

Astrobiology on the Web


Your final project in Astronomy 101 will be to create a web page suitable for publishing on-line that covers research on a specific field of Astrobiology.  You will work in a group of approximately 3 peers, chosen by the instructor to be heterogeneous with respect to interests and talents.


You should begin by determining a topic.  Topics may be derived from material received in class and/or personal research.  Printed materials and internet resources are available and may take some initial research.  Some internet resources are as follows:



Suggested Print Resources:



Once a topic has been determined and approved by the instructor, evenly distribute responsibilities.  All group members need not be involved in every aspect of the project.  Researching, writing, web page development, etc. can all be done separately and then brought together.  Nevertheless, duties should be well planned and communication open at all times.


Critiquing previous projects can also be helpful.  You should strive to make your project better than those before you.  Use their lessons to help you design and create a spectacular product.  Previous projects can be found at:


Plan your project thoroughly from the beginning.  It should contain accurate, in-depth research, be written clearly and in an academic writing style, and contain all necessary elements.  Carefully review the grading rubric and be certain all necessary elements are included.  When completed, grade your own project using the rubric to make sure it is complete.


You will be assessed by your peers.  All other groups will review and grade your project using the rubric.  In addition, fellow group members will assess you using the group member assessment rubric with respect to your participation.  These to assessments will be used to determine your individual project grade.


Link to Peer Evaluation Rubric


Link to Group Member Rubric