From Mountains to Marriage

Portfolio Inclusions

Spring 2008


Portfolios should be organized in the following order.  Neatness and organization are important.  All items should be bound together and fastened into a folder.  A three hole punch folder is best.

The following items should be included in your portfolio:

Items in bold have been assigned to date.  Items in shadow have not yet been assigned and are not definite.

  1. Mental Map of Seattle and Questions
  2. Map Projections and Decisions
  3. Satellite Image Activity
  4. Atmospheric Pressure and Wind
  5. World Climates and Factors
  6. Plate Motions and Corresponding Landforms (Map, etc.)
  7. Identifying Landforms and Processes
  8. Soils Puzzle
  9. World Soil types and Distribution
  10. Biome Investigation


Portfolios Due:  June 4th.