Terraforming Mars

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According to Dictionary.com, astrobiology is the study of all living things within the universe, where they might be found and how they were formed. Astrobiology is a collection of several different fields of biology. The most recognisable part of astrobiology is the search for life outside of the Earth, which is known as exobiology .

Terraforming is the process of transforming a hostile environment into one suitable for human life. The ability to terraform Mars is slowing becoming reality. The interest in the possibility of terraforming Mars is due to it being the most Earth-like. Carl Sagan, a Pulitzer prize winner, stated that there is an enormous possiblility that we will find ancient life on Mars. Sagan also stated if life was once able to be sustained on Mars, it's very important that we discover how the planet died. With the knowledge of how Mars died, we can take that information and attempt to reverse the process to terraform Mars.