Chemistry 163 (CHEM&163-03) Spring, 2017

Registration information:
Section -03 (Item #1950) TuTh 3:30 – 5:35 in CC1-010, lab W 3:30 – 6:00 in CC1-330

For Section -01 (Item #1930) Class MF 8:20 - 10:25 am, lab W 8:20-10:50 am
or for Section -02 (Item #1940) MW 1:15 - 3:20, lab Tu 1:15 – 3:45, contact Peggy Harbol,

Text: Kelter, Mosher, Scott 1st ed.

All course information is available on Canvas, including the preliminary schedule and the tentative course syllabus.  IF YOU ARE NOT YET REGISTERED and need course documents, see the links on this page.

Content: Chapters 15 through 22 of Kelter. Rate laws and factors affecting kinetics, equilibrium as a dynamic state, acid/base, ion and redox equilibria, buffer systems, coordination complexes, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and structure and function of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Laboratory extends content, emphasizing experimental design, analysis, project activity, communication of results, and safety.
In the event of college closure (weather, power failure, or other reason) or instructor absence, all course content and materials will be posted on Canvas.

Lab information: Printed lab manuals will NOT be available at the Bookstore. All lab manual content will be posted on Canvas, and information for the first lab is linked below.
The first lab meetings are the first Wednesday of classes, Wednesday, March 29: Part 1 of "Rate of Reaction."  Print the experiment from Canvas, bring the completed Prelaboratory assignment and the page 6 signature form (from the Lab Manual Introduction file) to lab.

Overloads: I will accommodate up to two overloads from the wait list in priority order. If you are wait-listed for section -03, please come on Tuesday 3/28 by 3:30 to see if there is space.

c163 Sp17 tentative schedule

Sylllabus Spring 17

Unit 1

Unit 2


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