Winter 2020 CHEM&162-01

Chem&162 Section 01 (item #1920): 
8:20–10:25 AM M, F in CC1-010, Lab W 8:20 - 10:50 AM in CC1-330

(Please contact other instructors for information on other sections.)

Course runs Monday, Jan-06 through Friday, Mar-20. The first day of Lab is 1/8 (in CC1-330).
Instructor:  David Reichgott
Office Hours: M, F 10:25 – 11:00 am; W 7:50 am – 8:20 am (W may be in CC1-330); usually available after lab.

Registration Information:

(See the Cascadia website: you will need item number 1920 and select Winter session).
Late add policy:
If there is no wait list, late adds made be made Jan. 6.  If there is a wait list a few wait-listed students may be enrolled in order of priority of the wait list.  Please attend class on Jan. 6 and lab on Jan. 8. A decision will be made at the end of lab on Jan. 8 for those who have attended both Jan. 6 and Jan. 8. NO additions will be made after Jan.6.

Future courses:

If you do not enroll this Winter, you can complete the 161 / 162 / 163 sequence Sp(162), Su(163)  '20, but not repeated until Fall '20. There will be two or three sections of Spring CHEM&162 (contingent on enrollment) and one or two sections of Summer CHEM&163. See the on-line class schedule.


Gilbert, Kriss, Foster, Davies, “Chemistry: The Science in Context,” 4th ed (2105); ISBN 978-0-393-91937-0 (hardcover; loose-leaf and ebook formats are welcome).  Access to SmartWork is not required and you may purchase a used copy without a key code.  

Course Web Support:

This current page will contain the first week's documents before the start of the course.

A Canvas site (on-line course support) is available once you register. It will also be required for the course in case of college closure or instructor absence. Course content, including daily class notes, will be posted under Files. See:


Laboratory Information:

The first lab is Jan. 8, which will be one of two possible exercises, either “Models of Molecular Structure” or “Synthesis of Salicylic Acid.”  The experiment you will perform will be assigned in class on Jan. 6 and each will be available on Canvas under Files > Laboratory.  (If you are not yet registered it will be “Models of Molecular Structure,” and files will be linked below) 
Please also read pp. 3 - 8 of the Table of Contents and Appendices document below (also on Canvas). You will need to complete a Safety Protocol signature form before working in lab, based on pp. 4 - 5.  Please have a laboratory notebook (continue from 161) and safety goggles as described in the Syllabus and Lab Manual.

C162-01 Syllabus W20

Preliminary Schedule

Unit 1

Chem 162 Lab Manual_TOC_Intro_Appendices.pdf