David Reichgott's home page.

My current courses below are linked.

Office:    CC2 389 (Northwest corner) Office hours: see current course linked below.

Phone: 425-352-8165 (email preferred)

email:  dreichgott@cascadia.edu

What courses should I take and when are they offered?

Courses I teach (current courses are linked):

CHEM&105 (Offered Spring)

CHEM&121 (Offered all quarters.)

CHEM&139 (Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.)

CHEM_161 F_18 (Next offered W'19, F'19)

CHEM_161 W_19

CHEM&162 (Next offered W, Sp '19)

CHEM&163 (Next offered Summer'19)

PLEASE NOTE that in the event of an extended college closure, course content and assessment will be managed through Canvas.