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**SOC 150 / CMU 150 - Multicultural Communication (5CR)

    This course introduces students to the dynamics of cultural difference in the United States. Students learn the histories of various U.S. cultures; examine race, class, and gender. Moreover, students will explore and discuss the inequalities surrounding our notions of race, class and gender. Students will encounter opportunities to deepen their abilities to see the world from diverse points of view and to evaluate how cultures develop and change. By exploring the role of culture and its influence on cross cultural communications, they will be able to communicate effectively within and between cultures in all areas of their lives. Note: Students may earn credit for SOC 150 or CMU 150 and must make their choice at the time of registration. Prerequisite: Completion of ENG 090 with a grade of 2.0 or higher or placement by testing in ENG 100.

**CMU 150 / SOC 150 - Multicultural Communication (5CR)

     HUMAN 120 Regional Life and Culture (5CR)

    In this learning community students will have an opportunity to learn from indigenous women’s voices and wisdom on culture, hope, and peace. Topical areas will include thoughts on place, culture, story, and personal geography.

    This learning community is heavily experiential and writing intensive, utilizing community-based and project-based learning. Art, film, literary forms, primary sources and personal narratives will guide our journey towards culture, hope, and peace. This course will question how our situated place contributes to or serves as a barrier to a kinder culture. Our hopes are that we share the multiplicity of wisdoms that connect us to our global roots. Students will also engage in community partnerships as part of the course. Several members of our local community will be invited into the class as guest speakers.

    Note: Students may earn credit for CMU 150 or SOC 150 and must make their choice at the time of registration.

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