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Teaching Philosophy
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"I crave to make a is in the making of the mark that I carve my existence bone against bone"

"In the era of the Holocaust, of Hiroshima, of Vietnam - in the age of testimony - teaching, I would venture to suggest, must in turn testify, must make something happen, and not just transmit a passive knowledge..."
(Shoshanna Felman with Dori Laub, Testimony, Crisis of Witnessing in Literature, Psychoanalysis and History, Routledge 1992)

Within education, I believe, lives the possibility of liberation, within education, I believe, lives the possibility to transform and transgress. I am committed to education as a tool to move our society towards a shared concept of social justice and a committed willingness to action, a living out of that vision in daily life.

Teaching in service of liberation, in service of social justice for me is revolutionary. I believe it is the strongest act I can engage in at this critical moment in our history. I am engaged in and committed to critical pedagogy. I feel and accept a tremendous responsibility to work with students to develop the literacy's that will allow them to make meaning of the conditions of their lives and become active global citizens and change agents.