Welcome to BIT 275 (Database Design and SQL)

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Course Description

BIT 275: Students learn the basics of the planning and design of relational databases and the use of the Structured Query Language (SQL). Students gain hands-on experience in implementing database solutions based on criteria obtained during client-programmer role-playing exercises. Topics of study include information design, data tables and the forming of complex queries as well as implementation planning.

Course Content, Topics and Themes

  • Develop an effective, usable data model using a typical database design methodology
  • Review existing designs to uncover important design elements
  • Use industry-standard database management tools implement design
  • Apply appropriate security measures
  • Analyze existing business processes and procedures regarding their data use and requirements
  • Develop effective queries and functional programming elements that provide the necessary information for decision-making processes and data requirements
  • Reflect on the amount of time-on-task needed for different project phases
  • Organize and articulate the data model and implementation details
  • Convey concepts professionally using written and spoken technical language
  • Incorporate feedback effectively into design drafts
  • Effectively document the data model and implementation details to support future development of the project needs