Ice07.2 Part 2: The Robot Relay Race of the Century!

Note:  Please keep the programs that you create today, in case you have a question about your grades for the ICEs at the end of the quarter. When you're working with a partner, each person should save his-or-her own copy.

ICE ICE 07.2.1: Robot Relay Race, with Play-by-Play

For this exercise, you will add "play by play" output information to the Relay Race code from ICE 5. You can download the "solution" file to use for this ICE.

In addition to adding "play by play" commentary for every exciting bit of robot racing action, you should also make the following changes and/or additions to the code to transform it into a rather noteworthy program:

HINTPlease utilize the screen caps below to get ideas for putting together this race and the "play by play" commentary.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

When you get done with this exercise, show your Instructor.