Ice07 Part 1: Output - Printing Messages for the User to See

Note:  Please keep the programs that you create today, in case you have a question about your grades for the ICEs at the end of the quarter. When you're working with a partner, each person should save his-or-her own copy.

ICE ICE 7.1: Output Trace Table

For this exercise, you should trace through the file named, and trace through it using the Output Trace Table.

As you can see from the Output Trace Table file, you will still be tracing the execution of the program, but you will be doing so in much less detail.

The idea is two-fold:

First, you should work towards being able to correctly and quickly trace a program without having to through with a full and complete trace.

Second, when the activity of tracing a program becomes less tedius and laborious, it becomes easier to use, and so you should also be working towards using this less formal approach to tracing more often (where applicable). Open the Example Note pdf file to see what I mean.

The Output Trace Table only requires you to list the output of the program, and represents a good compromise between tracing stuff informally on your own, and providing enough detail that the instructor can both see that you're doing things right (and therefore grade them).

Output Trace Example

When you get done with this exercise, show your Instructor.